How To Find An Inexpensive Custom Trade Show Display in New Jersey

How To Find An Inexpensive Custom Trade Show Display in New Jersey

Your company just isn’t like any other.

You’ve built your brand by standing out from the crowd. And we understand that you want to create a Trade Show Display that is similarly unique. But with most things (think clothing, for instance, or golf clubs), “Custom” and “Inexpensive” are mutually exclusive: you can have one or the other, but not both.

We’ve found a way to bring these two desirable traits together in our Formulate Tension Fabric Displays.

Our Formulate line is a collection of sophisticated, ergonomically designed Trade Show Booths, Architectural Structures and Accessories. These Displays feature simple, stylish aluminum frames covered with stretch, “zippered pillowcase” fabric graphics that create shapes to foster emotion, action, and movement within and around your space. Our wide array of Backwalls, Exhibit Kits, Hanging Shapes and Structures, Towers, Archways, Walls and Rooms can be mixed and matched in limitless combination.

Want even more options? We’ll work with you to create your Trade Show Display items completely from scratch.

A custom exhibit can easily cost $50,000, $100,000, and more. We can produce your Custom Formulate Trade Show Exhibit for a fraction of those amounts, and in a fraction of the time – usually in less than two weeks from your final approval of the graphics. Are you exhibiting at a variety of Trade Shows, with different audiences? We’ll produce multiple sets of graphics for your Display, with messaging targeted specifically for each unique audience.

And here’s the clincher: you’re not sacrificing the portability and ease of assembly that our Trade Show Displays have always been known for.

Whether you’re looking for a 10’x10’ Trade Show Display, 20’x20’, or larger; for stand-alone items or to augment a display that you already have, we’ll find the right solution for you.

Looking for more information on how you can create a Custom Trade Show Display? Give us a call at (732) 882-1886 or send us an email at You’ll find our entire line of Trade Show Displays in our online catalog at