Sample Packages

We don’t know (yet). Maybe you’ve got an idea, even a pretty good idea, of what’s going to work best for you and your company. Maybe you haven’t the vaguest notion of where to begin. Perhaps you’ve seen exhibits and displays that you really liked, but aren’t sure what they may cost. You may have a set budget, but aren’t certain what that might allow you to purchase. You may want to put together a coordinated, multi-component display. Or you may just want a single item.

For all of these reasons, we’ve put together some sample Trade Show packages. These are not suggestions as to what we think you should purchase. Rather, these sample packages have been designed to help you visualize what some of our products look like “on the floor”, how they might be used together, and to help you start visualizing what your own exhibit might look like.

Most importantly, these packages act as a translator: roughly put, they help to translate dollars into stuff and stuff into dollars.

These sample packages are by no means comprehensive. We’re showing only a small fraction of what we offer. And we’ll be revising these packages regularly, to include items from categories not now represented.

And if these packages don’t help you gain some traction, or don’t help to focus your interests, our 70 plus page catalog is here for your review. And, of course, you can always give us a call or send us an email. We’ll do our best to help you assess your needs and offer suggestions aligned with your budget.


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