About Us

Hi, and welcome. I’m Dave Preucil, President and Chief Educational Officer of ExhibitSource. Unless you found us by chance, you’re here because you have some questions about, and a need for, trade show exhibits – and we hope the resources you’ll find here will be helpful.

There are a lot of web sites out there that are happy to sell you trade show stuff. Pull up one of these sites and – Pow! – you’re looking at a page full of slick looking backwalls, banner stands, and so on. And if you’re a seasoned trade show veteran, who knows exactly what you want, exactly how and where you’re going to use it, how you’re going to get it there, and know what it should cost, then perhaps those other sites will work for you.

On the other hand, you may have some questions. You may not be quite certain about what might be the best display, or combination of displays, for your particular situation. You may have seen some displays that you like, but aren’t sure how they work or what they might cost. You may have a fixed budget, and aren’t certain how to make the most effective use of your resources.

We’re here to help. And make no mistake, we want to provide the exhibits and displays that will be just right for you. But we don’t want to SELL them to you – we would like you to BUY them from us. A subtle difference, perhaps, but that difference is the basis on which we’ve built this company. And we’ve been doing it for over eight years.


We will employ our resources and experience to assist our clients create the right exhibit solution for their specific needs.

ExhibitSource is part of the SignSource Group, a family of companies dedicated to visual solutions. We’re headquartered in Clark, NJ, a short car, bus, or rail trip from New York City.