Outdoor Advertising Displays

outdoor-advertising options

Outdoor Advertising Displays are a terrific way to generate additional visibility for your business.  They can be used to target vehicular or pedestrian traffic, can be large or small, short or tall, and work equally well promoting a short term event (such as a Street Fair or Outdoor Expo) or as a permanent part of your local advertising strategy.

Outdoor Advertising Displays are ruggedly constructed of weather-resistant materials, but are lightweight and easy to assemble.  They are all designed to address the biggest challenge presented by the outdoor environment, which is wind; the larger the display, the larger the effective “sail” area.  Our Outdoor Advertising Displays address this challenge in several ways, including ground stakes and hollow bases than can be filled with sand or water.

zoom outdoor advertising flags

Zoom outdoor flags in Teardrop, Feather, & Straight styles.

One of our most popular outdoor items is our line of Zoom Flags.  We have several different shapes (Teardrop, Feather, and Straight), but they all share the same general characteristics.  The flags offer a vertical display area, are mounted on very durable, flexible fiberglass poles, and mount to either a ground stake or an “X” base with a clever swivel mechanism that allows the flag to turn with the wind so that it never gets twisted or tangled.

Just like with all our displays, we can produce our flags with your choice of custom single- or double-sided graphics.

We also offer a series of Outdoor Banner Stands.  These stands feature a hollow base that can be filled for additional weight, and a series of lightweight flexible arms to which your banner is attached.  Our Spring 5 and Blizzard are vertically oriented stands, while our Spinnaker and Monsoon are oriented horizontally. We also offer maintenance, cleaning services and guarantee for banner stands.

Our Sidewalk Displays similarly feature hollow bases, have spring-mounted faces that flex with the wind, and are designed to allow for easy and regular changes to the graphics.  These are great items to use on the sidewalk in front of your business, to feature daily specials or events.

What are some of the creative uses of Outdoor Advertising Displays you’ve seen? – I’d like to hear about it.  Email me your story (and a picture!) and it might become the subject of a future blog.  I’m at Info@ExhibitSourceUS.com or (732) 882-1886.