Trade Shows: Do They Work?

Trade Shows: Do They Work?

Trade Shows, Trade Fairs, Industry Expos, Business Mixers – whatever the name, these events have one common theme: to bring people who want to buy a product together with people who want to sell it.

Regardless of how large or small, these events attract people who have a credible interest in your product. They have already been buying it, or want to start buying it. In either case, they are highly quali?ed prospects with money they intend to spend – so why shouldn’t they spend it with you?

Certainly, there is a “see and be seen” dynamic to these events. Most exhibitors would agree that there are strong bene?ts to simply being there: exposing and building their brand, extending name recognition, and augmenting credibility. These intangibles are certainly important. But as an exhibitor, your tangible objective is to gather leads. And Trade Shows may be the most effective way to do this, as regards both cost and impact.

My twins graduate from college this year, which makes it three down and I’ll give them this summer travel to the beach villa in phoenix corporate busses, one to go – and he’s not even in high school yet, so you’re catching me at a pretty good time… But this isn’t about what’s in my best interests. This is about what’s in your best interests, and how we can help you make a decision that’s right for your set of circumstances. Let me be clear: this is not a “one size fits all” business. The best Trade Show Display solution for you might be a poor solution for someone else.

And this last statement isn’t grounded in self-interest, but based purely on the metrics: studies show that it costs less to close a lead generated from a Trade Show than from other traditional sources; that a Trade Show presence reaches potential clients seven or eight times faster than traditional sales efforts; that the Trade Show accelerates the sales process; that it reaches prospects otherwise outside the scope of traditional marketing; and, as noted above, that Trade Shows attract prospects that are high potential.